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Social Media Management

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and beyond seems simple but can be challenging as a business. Our organic strategy provides the highest SEO and ROI. CSMG targets consumers, fans and press alike informing them of our client’s projects through influential Online Personalities. Using their diverse platforms increases visibility and awareness in both traditional and non-traditional internet mediums. Together we align your brand with new demographics to enhance interest, curiosity and excitement. Integrating this ‘grass roots’ social media interaction with traditional marketing will intensify any campaign.

Promotional Staffing

CSMG brand ambassadors involve product specialists in creating distinct personal interactions with the public at events. Every employee is trained properly in investigating each client’s needs. Our unique system of event recaps enables the client to track and view promotional campaign progress. Our brand ambassadors are here to instill confidence that your brand materials are reaching the intended, potential audiences.

Event Management

CSMG has noticed the lack of commitment many companies show for corporate events, receptions, release parties, etc. Paying attention to detail is crucial in making an impact on potential consumers/ clients. To remedy this, we have created a new service named “The Ultimate Concierge” to satisfy that void. The Ultimate Concierge alleviates the stress of searching for outsourced companies that may or may not guarantee the needs of your brand. Our team will work diligently to enhance every detail of your affair.

Creative Designs

CSMG steps outside of the box to approach web / graphic design in a manner unlike no other. We work diligently to deliver the best in interactive graphics, application development and beyond. Our clients receive the ideal website of their dreams with hosting plans to suit almost any budget.

Finance Department

CSMG is one of a few marketing agencies that offers its clients line of credit and structured loans. We understand how crucial it is to maximize capital and marketing opportunities. It is important to grow with a marketing firm who can grasp your direct vision and can structure the right program to help achieve your goals. We work with a wide variety of mid-size businesses, large businesses, and skill-experienced vendors. Allow CSMG to make the process of applying for financial help easy for businesses.

Public Relations

Our public relations staff becomes your full service image—marketing and public relations arm—specializing in and out of the realm of the entertainment, fashion, and other industries. CSMG public relations originate a marketing mix that crosses borders and captures the attention of a knowledgeable audience. We create concepts that maximize entertainment lifestyle by bringing urban consciousness to the corporate world.

M Solutions

Our team is skilled in creating full-fledged marketing campaign solutions for your brand, targeting your DESIRED AUDIENCE. After client needs and wants are communicated, the client can rest assured that the campaign is on its way. We have created numerous successful campaigns for our clients.

Web Marketing

CSMG steps outside the box to approach web designing in a manner like no other. We work diligently to deliver the best in web design, application development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and beyond. Our clients receive the ideal website of their dreams with an array of hosting plans to suit their budgets. CSMG targets consumers, fans and press alike, informing them of our clients’ projects through various platforms. We increase visibility and awareness in both traditional and non-traditional web mediums. We build on client’s already strong online presence to enhance interest, curiosity and excitement while continuing to propel brand credibility.